You know, sometimes when you're driving through Amish country and you see a sign for a bakery… you should just follow the sign.  Actually, all the time you should do that, especially if it is leading you to the Bird in Hand Bake Shop.  Holly and I were wondering around the back roads of Lancaster county, just taking in the views of the Amish life, when we noticed a very simple sign, not unlike a home for sale type sign, that simply said bakery and had an arrow.  I like bakeries.  We decided to follow said signs and they ended up leading us to a little gem called the Bird in Hand Bake Shop.  

   The Bird in Hand Bake Shop has an amazing array of pies and treats, and all sorts of baked goods.  Lucky for us though, they had a sampler!  My personal favorites were the shoo fly pie (a Lancaster County specialty) and the shoo fly chocolate pie.  Wow!  If we ever go back, I'll be getting an entire pie of both, they were seriously that good!

–Dan Thompson

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