"A joy that is not shared is incomplete" - Robert Morneau

My 5 Favorite Photos from 2021

It's my favorite post of the year! I know I say that every year, but it's TRUE (I think I maybe say that every year too. LOL).  Typically when I do these, I sit down and put the whole thing together in one go.  This year - for whatever reason - I've broken it up over several days, which has allowed more time for self-reflection.  On the whole, I'd say 2021 was a pretty good year, though it was not without its struggles, to be sure.  Maybe the correct way to say that is, the year had its struggles, but we all came out on the other side okay.  Most of those struggles are in one way or...

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Something Different

Holly's Story


Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.  Holly’s Story is her blog about breast cancer survival.

Picture Me, Loving You

Picture Me, Loving You

It’s different, and maybe a little whacky, but it will hopefully have you intrigued! Check out the photo-narrative!

Dan on TV

Life on the Farm

Dan and Holly bought a small farm in 2018 and building their “forever home” there now.  Follow along here!

Project Car

Project Car

Dan may or may not have an obsession with cars.  Follow along with his dream car build up; a 1967 Camaro.

Arches Under the Desert Night Sky

Joshua Tree National Park is known for its namesake - the Yucca brevifolia, or colloquially the Joshua Tree.  In my previous visits to the desert park, I spent a good amount of time photographing the trees, however on this trip I was hoping to explore other aspects of...

The Cholla Garden at Night

From one adventure to the next!  This week I'm transitioning Picture of the Week from Poland, to Joshua Tree National Park in California. I am finally getting back on the road again for work in a somewhat limited fashion after COVID, and I desperately needed to get...

Fun in Warsaw

On to Warsaw! For the past two weeks, Picture of the Week has been in Wroclaw, Poland, but this week we move on to Warsaw.  As I mentioned last week, Holly and I were in Poland for a dear friend's wedding.  This was actually our sixth trip to the country, but despite...

The Beautiful Colors of Wroclaw

Well happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I hope you've all had a nice weekend spent with friends and family. Last week I mentioned that this week you were all going to question my sanity for posting images of the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland in black and white,...

Exploring Wrocław in Black and White

Man, time flies, does it not?  I was just thinking it's already been two months since Holly and I went to Poland, but it feels like only yesterday!  In any case, welcome to Poland!  First and foremost, you're probably wondering how to pronounce Wrocław, and the funny...

The Beauty of Sunrise in the Smokies

I'm wrapping up my springtime sunrise series this week with a collection of images I've taken around the Smokies this spring.  If you missed it, last week I gave folks a brief reprieve from the black and white images with a nice color scene - given that it's a series...

The Blue Mountains of the Smokies

Well happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there, and to everyone else, I hope you've had a nice day.  Last week I kicked of a quick little series on the Smoky Mountains, and specifically sunrise in the Smokies.  I noted then that some of you might not be happy...

Spring Sunrise in Black and White

Greetings everyone!  And welcome back to the continental United States - if only for a little while! 🙂 Before we take off again I wanted share a few images I've been capturing around here, starting with this one.  If you've been following along, Picture of the Week...

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