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My 5 Favorite Photos of the Decade, 2010 – 2019

For those of you have followed along with this blog for a while, you'll certainly know that part of my year-end tradition is looking back at the photos I've taken for the year, and choosing my 5 favorites.  I started this tradition back in 2015 (if you want to know the "why" behind the practice, check out that post) and I enjoyed it so much that I have since gone back and picked favorites for every year all the way back to 2010.  Well, with this year being the start of a new decade, I wanted to pause one more time to look back - not at the previous year, but the last decade - and I hope...

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Something Different

Holly's Story


Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.  Holly’s Story is her blog about breast cancer survival.

Picture Me, Loving You

Picture Me, Loving You

It’s different, and maybe a little whacky, but it will hopefully have you intrigued! Check out the photo-narrative!

Dan on TV

Life on the Farm

Dan and Holly bought a small farm in 2018 and building their “forever home” there now.  Follow along here!

Project Car

Project Car

Dan may or may not have an obsession with cars.  Follow along with his dream car build up; a 1967 Camaro.

Hilton Head Walkways

Chances are, when you think of Hilton Head, a forest is not what comes to mind.  Am I right?  Well, me either really, however earlier in this past summer Holly and I visited Hilton Head for the first time and I was personally struck by how beautiful the walkways (and...

Carter Shields Under the Milky Way

Y'all, I can be a little dense sometimes. I have shot almost every historical structure in Cades Cover at night at least once, if not multiple times.  I've even shot the Carter Shields cabin at night a number of times, but I've been convinced that you'd never be able...

LeQuire Cemetery Under the Stars

This happened completely by accident. I've actually got two funny stories that go with this image - one of discovery, and one that scared me to death.  I'll save the story of what I screwed up (i.e. discovery - see what I did there?) for last. If you've ever driven...

The Splendor of Creation

Alright, I'm super excited to start my night series here on picture of the week.  Typically I sneak one or two night images in from trips I've taken, but this year, since I wasn't able to travel anywhere with awesome skies, I've just been randomly shooting here around...

A Trail to the Sun

I often hear people comparing photography to golf, in that one moment of brilliance keeps you coming back again and again, and while I've never played golf, I get the sentiment.  One solid image sets you on a course to discover more.  Two weeks ago, amid my images of...

The Middle Prong Fan

Nature is a force to be reckoned with! You hear this statement most often when there's a big event like a hurricane or a tornado, but nature's might can be witnessed in smaller displays as well.  The cascade above, known to my photography friends and I as simply "the...

In to the Fog I Go

When you think of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, what comes to mind? For me, the list goes something like: vistas (layers of mountains), streams, historic buildings, wildlife, trails, and maybe even scenic roadways (they are in fact the most common ways...

Blooming Bee Balm

For everything that drives me nuts about social media, there are still some awesome things it can be used for, one of which is identifying flowers! This week I'm wrapping up my summer flower series with this little scene I found on the side of the road, up near...

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