Aspen Trees and Autumn Colors

It's Fall y'all! I have to admit I have a love / hate relationship with Fall.  On the one hand I LOVE the colors of this season... but on the other, I hate the super short days and the cooling (okay, cold) temperatures! But, I'll take all of it I suppose, because the...

The Milky Way over San Fernando, Chile

Do you ever get that feeling you've made a terrible mistake? Last week I was talking about my time in Valparaiso, Chile, and while the city has its challenges, it was gorgeous.  I seriously could have spent an entire week there, just on the back porch of the little...

Scenes from Valparaiso

Why do you want to go to the places on your bucket list? For me the reasons are quite varied.  Some places, like Easter Island for example, I had dreamed about visiting since I was a kid.  Others, like Bhutan, I'd never heard of until I started traveling, but once I...

Side Streets of Valparaiso

I have heard for years how cool Valparaiso, Chile is... I just had to see it for myself, and it did no disappoint!  The city is known for its street art and graffiti everywhere (I don't think there is a building in the city that isn't painted up in some way) and...

Plaza de Armas

Prior to my visit this summer, Holly and I had been to Santiago, Chile two other times.  Both times, however, were basically 24 hour stop-overs on the way to Easter Island, off the Chilean coast.  To that extent, it felt a little strange to be in Santiago and not...

When the Haze Turns Pink

This is a fun one. I have this rule about sunsets - never give up until you see the first stars - then you can leave.  On this particular evening I was convinced nothing was going to happen.  Santiago was particularly hazy, and the sky was just cloudy.  Everything was...

Night at the Charleston City Market

Have you ever been to the Charleston City Market?  It's a classic spot in Charleston, steeped in history, and surrounded by some amazing places to eat (and snack!).  It's always on mine and Holly's to-do list when we visit Charleston. Earlier this summer when we...

Tim Line at the Mount LeConte Lodge

If you have hung around this blog for some time, you'll know that photography is a passion and a hobby of mine, but it's not my career (or if you didn't know that... now you do!).  I want photography to remain an artistic outlet for me, without the pressures of...

Fishing for the Milky Way

Earlier in the summer I shared our annual family photo from the beach (we call it Camp Manitou), but I didn't take the time at that point to share any artistic images from our time at Isle of Palms, so I wanted to do that now. Last year I captured a picture of the...

Sunset in Queen Canyon

So for the last couple of weeks, I've been sharing images I made while out in the Arizona desert.  I mentioned that I had met my friend here for the express purpose of photographing the Milky Way in dark skies, but I also just wanted to do some exploring around to see...

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Holly and Dan met in 2002 and married in 2003.  Holly is a community volunteer with a passion for the elderly. Breast cancer survivor. Homemaker.  Dan is a security minded technologist with a passion for travel, adventure, and life in general. Guilty of taking lots of pictures.

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