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What’s the Best Focal Length to Photograph the Milky Way

In my discussions about photographing the Milky Way and in conversations I see happening online, a common first question is "What lens should I use for Milky Way photography".  Much has been said on this topic (astrobackyard.com has a great discussion on the topic) from a technical point of view, meaning which lenses have the lowest distortion of stars (for things such as lens coma), the least barrel distortion, the least vignetting, etc, but what I want to talk about here are the artistic reasons you might choose one focal length over another, and give you some examples.  Frankly, I...

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Something Different

Holly's Story


Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.  Holly’s Story is her blog about breast cancer survival.

Picture Me, Loving You

Picture Me, Loving You

It’s different, and maybe a little whacky, but it will hopefully have you intrigued! Check out the photo-narrative!

Dan on TV

Life on the Farm

Dan and Holly bought a small farm in 2018 and building their “forever home” there now.  Follow along here!

Project Car

Project Car

Dan may or may not have an obsession with cars.  Follow along with his dream car build up; a 1967 Camaro.

Autumn Streams

It's the fall color extravaganza!  Since getting into photography, I always look forward to the fall colors season.  It's just a great time to be in east Tennessee!  Our colors arrived about two weeks early this year, and unfortunately were subsequently done about two...

Eclipsed Moon Over Neyland Stadium

Okay, some of y'all are gonna be mad.  Last week I promised fall color pictures for this week, and these are clearly NOT fall color pictures.  At least not in the sense of there being trees with orange leaves in it.  It is, however, a color image, and it was taken in...

The Setting of the Core at Dan Lawson’s Place

Welp, it is sadly that time of year again!  That time where we bid farewell to the core of the Milky Way until it begins to rise in our morning skies in late February next year.  It is time to bid this night photography series adieu as well!  I wanted to end my series...

Pathway to the Galaxy

Thanks for humoring me these last several weeks as we've explored other parts of the night sky, and other galaxies altogether!  This week and next we'll be returning to the more traditional view of our galaxy, the area around the Milky Way core. A couple years ago...

Spinning Around the Galaxy

This week's Picture of the Week features a couple firsts, which I'm excited to share about.  First and foremost is simply the Andromeda galaxy picture itself.  When I first started doing night sky photography, I honestly never dreamed I'd ever be able capture a...

Questions in Space

I have questions.  LOTS of questions.  Don't we all have questions?  Well, it turns out that space also has questions.. or at least one anyway!  This week's Picture of the Week features the Question Mark Nebula (NGC 7822)  both at 100mm (above) and 300mm (below). As...

Fireflies and the Swan

Into the night!  If you've been paying particularly close attention, you might have noticed that I've not posted any Milky Way or nightscape type images since my trip to California earlier in the year.  This summer has been an absolute bust for Milky Way imaging here...

Last Light on the Henry Mountains

Have you ever heard of the Henry Mountains in Utah?  Neither had I.  I had actually seen the Henrys before, but had no clue what they were called or any idea as to their size.  I learned their name randomly while leaving Duke's in Hanksville, Utah (which is fantastic,...

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