Mt Fitz Roy in all its Glory

More from Mt Fitz Roy! Last week I shared my favorite picture of the trip (and subsequently one of my favorite pictures of the year), but I also mentioned that I tried many times to get that shot.  This week, I wanted to share some more of the creative process that...

The Road to Mount Fitz Roy

Expectations are a killer of creativity. If you caught my Five Favorite Photos from 2018 post, you've seen this picture before.  The picture was not only a favorite of the year, but the trip itself was a highlight of the year.  Patagonia is such an amazingly beautiful...

Water Taxi to Pulau Ubin

This past visit to Singapore I got to go to a place I hadn't seen before, and a place that I'm guessing the average tourist to Singapore misses: Pulau Ubin.  Pulau Ubin is a small island northeast of the main island of Singapore, and is mostly a nature park.  You can...

Singapore Grand Prix – 2018

This past year, I got to do something totally new and interesting while in Singapore: attend the Singapore F1 race!  As much of a car nut as I am, I've never been to a professional race event like this before, so I was totally geeked to get to go.  One of the appeals...

Bencoolen Station

This week's picture of the week is one of my "weird photos" (as Holly would say), in that it's not about pretty scenery, but rather lines and color (this is typically a shot I would think of in black and white, but the orange was just so good I had to leave it...

Louis Shining in Singapore

Every time I visit Singapore and go downtown, I'm struck by how neat the Louis Vitton building there is.  As illustrated above, it sits right on the water and has a really interesting shape to it (I've stared and stared, assuming that it is somehow the L V of the...

Corner of Cross and Robinson

Well Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a nice holiday season and are kicking off 2019 with lots of fun and energy.  If you didn't get a chance to, I'd be thrilled for you to check out last week's post, which was my 5 favorite images of 2018.  If you're only...

My 5 Favorite Photos from 2018

I know I said this last year, but it's my favorite post of the year!  Seriously, I have gotten to the point where I SO look forward to doing these every year. It has become part of my year end tradition, and what a way to wrap up the year than by looking through all...

A Photo Essay of the Bayous of East Texas

One more from the swamp! I have to admit that I had a REALLY hard time choosing favorites from the bayous of East Texas.  It was a new subject for me, and I liked the diversity of shots there there so much, I came away several images that I really like. Sooo... I'm...

The Bayou at Sunset

If you missed last week's Picture of the Week, I started a new series on the bayous of East Texas (check it out here... also, you may see this picture again VERY soon 😉 ), which was a new destination for me this year.  The first couple of days I shot there, I was...

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