I have to admit that any place with as much bacon on the menu as Lunchbox Laboratory, and items like The Churken (Chicken + Turkey), Dork (Duck + Pork), and Satan's Tears Ketchup, it's REALLY hard to go wrong.  The Lunchbox Laboratory got its start in Seattle "by the MacGyver-like culinary vision of Food Alchemist Scott Simpson" (I seriously love that line) and has been called a "burger paradise" by The Seattle Times.  I'd agree with that statement.

   After hearing that I'd just had the best burger of my life, my friend in Bellevue said we HAD to go to Lunchbox Laboratory, with the understanding that I needed to bring the best burger crown along with me… because the king was about to be dethrowned.  Well, let me just say that it was good… but it wasn't Copper Coin good.  I think that's a burger that will take a while to top (I really need to go back, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke).  It was good though, and if you're in to weird and unusual combos (or just really good burgers), you're going to love this place.  One of the guys I was with got the Dork (it's ground duck and pork meat, pattied together… interesting), which he raved about, and I got The Smoker (full menu here).  The burger itself was huge and tasty.  I can honestly say that the flavors they brought together for the burger were definitely unique and delicious.  The Lunchbox Laboratory also boasts a large selection of shakes… but I was so full from the burger I couldn't even consider dessert.  I'd go back in a heart (attack) beat to find out how good they are though!

–Dan Thompson

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