Before I say anything about Copper Coin, let me begin by saying two things; I really like a good hamburger, and I don't throw around things like "best hamburger EVER" lightly.

   Located on California in the Admiral neighborhood in West Seattle, the Copper Coin is unassuming from the street… and that's okay because it's the kind of place that I'm sure has a loyal following.  It was called "A beer mecca with food, too" by the Seattle Times, but I'm sorry Tan, this place is a burger mecca, that just happens to have a large variety of beers!  Seriously, go there and order the Deluxe, and prepare to have the best burger of your life.  No joke.  I don't know what they season the beef with (it tasted like Dale's with something else), but that plus, the chipotle-mayo and BBQ glaze was the perfect combo.  It's seriously delicious… and yes, next time I'm in Seattle, I'll go back… at least once.

–Dan Thompson

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