Alright, here’s the truth about this post… I enjoyed doing the 2017 post so much that I’ve gone back and selected my favorite 5 photos all the way back to 2010… and I want them here in the website as a reminder to myself (if I’ve done this right, no one will ever see them unless you go looking!).  I learned a TON from this process and just really enjoy these images.  If you’re reading this, I hope you do too! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

My Polish Papa

This picture of my good friend Mariusz grabs me every time I see it.  I love the lighting of it, and I love that it was just a random photo shot in the hallway of a school… and it turned out great! 🙂  Full post here.

Beautiful Szczecin

Szczecin, Poland holds a special place in my heart, and it seems like every time I go there I come away with images I love!  This one never made it to Picture of the Week some how!

The End of Summer

This is a spot I went to just to sort of scope out.  I was considering shooting it at sunrise or after dark, but as the sun started going down, I started taking pictures, and I ended up with something I loved!  Full post here.

Look Behind You

This is a classic example of getting something you weren’t expecting.  As I discussed in the original post, I was intending on capturing the colors of the sun going down… but I ended up getting the reflected colors of the sun going down.  I love this shot!


The Picture Me Loving You project, dominated so much of my year, I had to include a photo from it.  Truth be told though, I actually REALLY like this photo.  I chuckle every time I see it, plus I really like the colors, and that yellow Corvette just pops!

Honorable Mention

The Foggy Path

This image is another image that was a bit of a surprise.  I went to this location with the intent of shooting something totally different, and then as I was leaving, this scene played out in front of me.  This is definitely one of my favorite images of the year and I had to include it… but I ran out of Top 5’s. 🙂  Full post here

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