2011 was an extremely emotional year for Holly and I, and I think that played out in my photography.  Between Holly finishing her breast cancer treatments, and losing a dear friend, there was definitely no shortage of highs and lows.  Additionally, I photographed less this year, but I still managed to come away with some images I’m really happy with.

–Dan Thompson

Number of Pictures Taken Annually


2011 was a crazy year for Holly and I, and this picture of Holly’s mom, herself, and our friend Lisa sums it up.  This was Holly’s first Race for the Cure as a breast cancer survivor, and a happy day for us all.

A Tribute to Dale

This is an image I poured my heart and soul into and I suspect it will be an emotional image for a very long time.  You can read the full post here, but this was an image I put together to remember our good friend Dale Young.  We miss you friend!

Sunrise at Grand Tetons National Park

This image from our trip to the Grand Tetons remains one of my favorite photos of all time, and now adorns the cover of a book written by my dad.  This was just one of those magical moments where everything came together, and I just happened to be there to capture it.

The Fishing Bridge Beaver

Our trip out west yielded a lot of really nice images, several of which are wildlife images, which I’m generally not too good at (I just don’t have the gear for it).  Like the image of the barn above though, sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time (with the right rented lens!).

Icelandic Countryside

A lot of the images I create are complex… this one is simple, and I think it’s simplicity is what I like.  We found this abandoned house in the Icelandic countryside after a particularly worrisome drive through the mountains (you can read the original post here), and I really just love this image.

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