Well this is REALLY exciting!  I’m thrilled to announce that four more of my images are going to be appearing as book covers, and I’m even more thrilled to announce what they are.  My dad started an email campaign several years ago that he called “Daily Praise Moments”.  It started as just a way to encourage a handful of people, and over time his audience grew to be quite large.  Since that time he’s decided to turn all these emails into a series of books by the same name.  Set up in a devotional style format, the books are divided into seasonal volumes, with each day consisting of stories and anecdotes from his life, song lyrics that he’s found inspirational, comforting, and encouraging through the years, and just general thoughts for your day.  I’m personally exited to have these permanent collections of thoughts from my dad, and proud that my images get to be the ‘face’ of the series.

You’ll definitely want to give these books a read.  I’ll link the books below as they become available:

Daily Praise Moments – Volume 1
Daily Praise Moments – Volume 2
Daily Praise Moments – Volume 3
Daily Praise Moments – Volume 4

–Dan Thompson

Still one of my favorite images of all time, the Mormon Row Barn is called the most photographed barn in America for a reason, its a gorgeous scene!

The Quad at the University of Washington is home to some splendidly beautiful cherry trees, which I managed to capture in full bloom several years ago.

I called this image “Jim’s Nightmare” as I thought of it at the time as a whimsical capture from a fun day (see the link for more of the story).  Over time though I really grew to like the image and it definitely works as a Summer shot!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good secluded road scene, especially in Fall colors!  I love this image for the final book as its a good visual of the “road ahead”.

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