When I started my series on Singapore a couple weeks ago, I said I would probably end up doing a photo essay just so I could get through all the pictures I wanted to share this go around, without being camped here for a couple months.  Well… I’ve changed my mind, and we’re going camping. 🙂  Something else that has been on my mind this past week is the fact that I spend a lot of time photographing other cities… but not the one I live in. So I’m actively working to remedy that, and you can expect to see some city scenes from Knoxville and Maryville, and who knows where else in this area.  

Anyway, I actually shot this image from the same place (just facing a different direction) as I did the image from the shipping docks a few weeks ago.  As I mentioned then, this was high up on the roof top of a 50-story apartment complex known as the Pinnacle @ Duxton.  As you can see, the view from up there is fantastic!  For this particular scene, I loved how the traffic came down the street right at the camera and then sort of split right at the end.  I also love how the buildings are all starting to light up, giving the city the feeling that it’s coming alive.  This is truly my favorite time of day to shoot city scenes; just after the sun has gone down, but before complete darkness.

As a point of reference, the large building in the lower left with a very Asian-looking architecture style is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, located in Chinatown (yes there is actually a large tooth on display in the temple at the very top floor… no photography was allowed though).  The hotel where I stayed was just up the street from there, which is the dark-looking building to the right of where there is an overhead crosswalk above the street.  It was definitely a neat area of the city to stay with lots of stuff (including this view) within walking distance!

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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