This is kind of funny (to me), and maybe even a little embarrassing to admit, but last year when I left Singapore I felt like I’d seen all there was to see.  I absolutely LOVE Singapore, but it’s such a small country, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time there… I just didn’t think I’d be finding much more to photograph.  In fact, in December, I was talking to my colleague who actually lives in Singapore, telling her about this orchid garden Holly and I had been to, and she’d never even heard of it.  LOL  And again I thought to myself, yep… I’ve seen all there is to see.

Boy was I wrong.

Singapore (and Hong Kong too for that matter) consistently yield good pictures for me.  In fact, I’ve got more pictures to share this go around than I know what to do with!  I’ll probably end up doing a photo essay again, just so we’re not camped out here for 8 weeks!  The country is small, but seems to always have something more to give.  🙂

On to this week’s Picture of the Week.  I have always been fascinated by shipping container yards, but of all the places I’ve been with a seaport, I had never found a good angle to photograph them (they generally have fairly tight security, so you typically can’t just go waltzing around among the containers).  Well, that all changed this year when I visited Singapore, and decided to check out the Pinnacle @ Duxton “Skypark” – basically the roof top of a 50 story set of buildings with a giant walk way and green area.  It was amazing!  I went up there to see if I could find some interesting views of the city (more on that in a couple of weeks), but what I was immediately met with as soon as I exited the elevator though, was a GREAT view of the Keppel Shipping Terminal!  Happy surprise indeed!  As luck would have it, I’d packed a lens long enough to reach it.  I let the light fade, and the spotlights come on, and the colors really came to life I thought.

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Keppel Terminal Ave, Singapore

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