So you remember how a couple of weeks ago I was talking about forgetting what day it is, and forgetting about holidays?  Well, last week when I was talking about starting a travel series this week, I had completely forgotten that this week would be Palm Sunday, and next week Easter!  In fact, I didn’t even hit me that today would be Palm Sunday until just a few days ago!  I’m telling y’all, I’m getting old + these times we’re living in are crazy.  🙂  At any rate, I’m calling an audible today and am sticking local for this week and next, and then we’ll go on a journey together week after next.  Sound good?

I’ve shared a few times that it’s rare for Picture of the Week to actually be a picture from that week.  Rarer still is that the Picture of the Week (I always post these on Sunday) is actually from that day.  Well, today is one of those days!  This week’s Picture of the Week was actually taken this morning.  My friend Paul texted me two days ago to see if I’d be interesting in shooting sunrise this morning (albeit with appropriate social distancing), and even though the weather was looking iffy, we went anyway.  The sunrise this morning was one of those that was slow progressing, and not terribly impressive from a color perspective.  What struck me though as I was standing there was how pronounced the layers of the mountains were this morning.  I aimed my camera in that direction to have a look, and then just left the camera pointed there.  As the sunrise slowly unfolded, a little bit of color made it’s way across the sky to the area I was focused in on, and only lasted long enough for a few pictures, and then it was all over.  That’s good enough for me though!

More next week,

–Dan Thompson

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