Well hello everyone!  I hope this week’s post finds you all doing well, and safe at home with your family… and of course that you haven’t all killed each other from being cooped up in the house together!  Crazy times we’re living in now, huh?  I’m hopeful that this beautiful sunrise image reminds you of the beauty of this world, and is a distraction – if only for a moment – from all the anxiety and uncertainty that seems to be life right now.

Funny story about this image.  As a lot of the nation settles in to a new routine of working from home, you’re now getting a small glimpse of what my day to day life has looked like for the last 5 years or so.  I’ve been seeing people posting about forgetting what day it is, and I must say (maybe this is encouragement?), that this happens to me quite often.  Similarly, I forget about holidays sometimes as well, because… well when you work from home, “not going to the office” means something a little different.  In any case, this year I completely forgot that our company was taking off for President’s Day (thanks to Stefanie for reminding me!) until the day before, so with this new found free day, I decided I would go shoot pictures of the sunrise.  I hadn’t even so much as checked the weather when I made this decision (generally a good idea, because weather events is what makes this all happen).  Instead, I just went with it!  As luck would have it, God had something amazing in store for me!  The sunrise on this particular morning, as you can see, was absolutely stunning.  I know last week I said that you don’t have to get amazing colors in the sky for the scene to be worthwhile, but man, it sure is nice when it happens!

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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