This week’s Picture of the Week is a very special Picture of the Week because we’re celebrating a very special anniversary of a very special couple… my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary!  How awesome is that?  Their actual anniversary isn’t until later in the month – they’re celebrating all month basically, and I think they deserve it – but today is the day we’ve having their big party.  Above is a picture I took of them at this year’s Camp Manitou and below I’ve included a gallery of pictures of them through the years.  Enjoy all the fun hairstyles (or lack thereof) and outfits!

Growing up it’s impossible to know how awesome your parents are, I suppose, because as a kid they’re just your parents.  They’re the people that get on to you for this and that, and ultimately get on your nerves because… well… they’re your parents.  As I’ve grown older, though, I’ve come to appreciate just how great my parents are.  Their love for one another is unfailing, as evidenced by the fact that they’ve made it 50 years together, and the way they love the people around them is inspiring.  In fact, it’s all inspiring to me really!  As they continue the rest of their lives together, I pray that God will grant them more love and grace towards one another.  I also pray that my marriage can look like theirs.  What a wonderful example they’ve been!

Happy Anniversary guys!    

–Dan Thompson

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