You’ve probably noticed that Picture of the Week lags behind reality a bit (it is in fact not typically a picture from *this* week, just a picture *for* this week), but this week’s picture is really and truly from this week! 🙂  My family has had a tradition over the last several years to go to the beach together for a week.  We’ve nicknamed this “Camp Manitou” (in honor of the Camp Manitou from Herman Wouk’s City Boy) and honestly it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.  A hallmark of the trip has been that my youngest niece Sophia, will all bring us books to read (she’s very passionate about spreading her love for reading), and we’ll watch movies together in the evenings (this year we started working our way through the Marvel Comics Universe).  Sunburns are also common as is the consumption of seafood.  Basically your typical beach trip, with lots of quality time with the family and recharging of the batteries.  Good stuff!  Another tradition is of course the family photo (somehow it’s always windy for these things), which brings me to this week’s Picture of the Week!

Another successful trip!

–Dan Thompson

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Cades Cove
Isle of Palms, SC, USA

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