Earlier this year I went to Boston for a work trip and I managed to get away one evening for some exploring.  My coworker and friend Teddy (you’ll remember his name from my Great Wall adventures) had been telling me about an area of Boston known as Beacon Hill, which he said was his favorite area of the city, so we made that our destination.  Unfortunately for us… but fortunately for my photos… the only day we really had was raining.  It wasn’t terrible, but in the cold of Boston plus rain, it wasn’t particularly pleasant either! 🙂

What we found when we got to Beacon Hill, however, was amazing.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a place that fit my mental image of it so well, the area just screams “Boston”.  I loved it!  The rain I think set the mood (another friend of mine commented that the scene looked like something out of Jack the Ripper!) for the image, and so I just went looking for nice warm tones of the street lights against the brick buildings along the narrow streets.  This particular street fit the bill (it’s surprisingly hard to find streets that are jammed with cars parked on the side!).

Next week we transition back to the day time, and spring in East Tennessee!

–Dan Thompson

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Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, USA

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