Two weeks ago I started a series on Singapore (sorry, I had to pause for a second to talk about an epic Bluegrass concert… in a CAVE), and this week we pick that back up. Singapore is a very vibrant country, with flowers and color EVERYWHERE. It’s a beautiful place. Aside from the flowers just growing around the city, there are numerous gardens spread about that warrant a look. On the Marina Bay Sands property, there is the ‘Gardens by the Bay’, which include two giant bio-domes; the flower dome and cloud dome, both of which are overflowing with pretty flowers and plants. Holly and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Singapore has also set aside a large park area, known as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which has the feel of a large city park, but it is also teaming with flowers and plants to check out.

Inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens you’ll find the National Orchid Gardens, which I found really fascinating. Here there are labs that grow orchids, and make hybrid species, many of which are named for famous people. Princess Diana has a species named for her, as does Barbara Bush, and many others. It was extremely hard to pick a favorite because they all varied in shape and color! At anyrate, you get the idea, it was awesome! Definitely a good way to spend the afternoon.

–Dan Thompson

Singapore Orchid Gardens

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