Coming May 15, 2015

   The wait for Picture Me, Loving You is almost over!  We will be dropping the first image of the photo narrative on the morning of Friday, May 15th.  You'll be able to see the images here:, starting that day.  As a reminder, every third day a new image will appear on the website until the complete collection of 13 images is up.  The site link above will always have all the images on display, in their correct order, so you can scroll down through them and see the story the way it was meant to be viewed… just in case you miss a day or two.

   Chris and I are SUPER excited to get this thing going.  It is going to be a lot of fun to see everyone's reactions to the story, and most importantly, to see if anyone gets it! 🙂  There is actually one shoot left for the series, and in case you missed it, we have invited all the fans of the project (or people that just think it would be fun to dress up for something silly) to come join us!  Here is a link to more info on that.

Don't know what Picture Me, Loving You is yet?  Here is the backstory: Introducing Picture Me, Loving You.

–Dan Thompson

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