I am totally excited that now that the shoot at Eastern State Penitentiary is over, we only have one shoot left to do!  Oh, and we'd love for you to come join us!  Nope, it's not an April Fool's joke; here's the deal.

   It has worked out that the very last shoot for Picture Me, Loving You is actually for the first two scenes of the narrative.  The scenes will be depicting the wedding of two of the central characters in our story, and we need people to appear as attendees of the wedding.  Chris and I were brainstorming who all we could invite to sit in the audience… and it hit me… we should invite everyone!  Chris' response was classic, "You mean, everyone, everyone?" Yep! Everyone, everyone.  What better way to celebrate the final shoot than to have a bunch of people who are excited about the project show up and participate.  Don't worry though, it won't be an actual wedding, so no need to bring gifts or dread, just show up and prepare to look interested!  Also, we'll keep the spoilers hidden, so if you show up, you can still enjoy the story unfolding with everyone else.

  Now for the details.  The shoot will be at the Methodist Church in Cades Cove at 10AM on May 2nd.  You'll want to show up a little early because parking is very limited, and consider carpooling if you know other people interested in coming.  We think we'll be done inside of an hour, but make a day of it and enjoy the Cove while you're up there!

   One last thing, if you're interested in dressing up as a character let me know.  We have a few spots available for people to dress up like horses.  🙂

–Dan Thompson

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