If you're visiting Lancaster or the surrounding Lancaster County, it's worth a stop in to the Amish Village for a little education on the Amish lifestyle (after all, it'd be a shame to visit and not get some understanding of the people).  The Amish Village is built around an authentic Amish farm house and also has a small barn, a traditional school house, and a few shops.  It is definitely a tourist trap, but as I said, worth the stop.  Our tour guide, and I don't mean to make fun, reminded me a bit of Napolean Dynamite, but was extremely knowledgeable the Amish people and their lifestyle.  Presentation aside, the tour of the farm house was very educational, and definitely a fascinating look into how the Amish people live.  Just outside the house is a small barn, full of an assortment of barnyard type animals.  Holly always gets a kick out of (sometimes literally) playing with goats and pigs, so of course we had to stop in for a bit.

   While we were walking through the giftshop, we struck up a conversation with the woman working there and she gave us all sorts of great tips for visitng the area.  She also explained that Intercourse, Pennsylvania got its name because back in the day, people called roads, "courses".  The town of Intercourse, was named because it had a number of roads that crisscrossed through its center.  And you thought it was just the Amish people being a bit cheeky didn't you? 🙂

   When you're done at The Amish Village, turn right out of the parking lot and then turn right on the next road, Bachmantown Road.  From there, just follow the road as it suits you to take in some of the Lancaster County countryside.

–Dan Thompson

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