On my recent trip to Seattle, my cousin's and I were looking for a quiet place to eat dinner… and something with a view.  After deciding exactly what view we wanted (the mountains and the water…which I guess is all of Seattle), we landed on a little place called Phoenecia in West Seattle.  Reading the reviews on Yelp, I count myself lucky in that it wasn't crowded at all (a Wednesday night, FYI), we walked right in and had a nice seat at the window.  Perfect.

   Now, my cousins generally have different tastes in food than I do, but together we've only struck out once, and this was definitely not a strike out.  I like to say that they expand my food horizons.  Anyway, we decided to do a family style dinner and just order a round of things and split it all… perfect for me at a new restaurant.  We ordered the salad with figs on it (which was delicious… who knew?), and then ordered up Phoenecia's Pesto, Zoe's Sweet Coppa & Peppers, and Mushroom pizzas.  I don't do mushrooms, so I skipped that one altogether, but the Sweet Coppa & Peppers and the Pesto pizzas were really good, with the former being my favorite.  Following the dinner we ordered up Mom's Baklava… and oh my goodness was it good!  I could have eaten the whole thing by myself.

   The restaurant is situated right on Alki Trail in West Seattle and has an amazing view.  It's a cozy place with a real family feel, and as I understand it, is in fact run by a family (the woman working had a beautiful Greek accent).  For a small boutique kind of restaurant I felt the pricing was fair… maybe a little high, but it certainly wouldn't stop me from going back.  Did I mention they have a great view?

–Dan Thompson

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