I haven't had too much to report as of late on the car as things are moving at a bit of a snails pace.  I do have the car back in my garage and we're at this point waiting on the engine to be done.  Once that is finished I'll be buying a few more parts and then it'll be time to finally start the body work.  Crazy!

   One thing that is kind of cool though is that I just got my wheels back from being narrowed.  We tried and tried to get the 9.5" wheels to work, and it just wasn't happening.  These old cars just weren't designed to swallow up that much wheel and tire without some pretty significant changes.  If only I had not started my car until after DSE came out with their hydroformed frame!!  Anyway, I thought long and hard about it and decided that giving wheel narrowing  a go would be cheaper in the long run than trying to buy new wheels, which are super expensive, AND buy new tires.  There is nothing worse in a project like this then having to double buy stuff.  I asked around online and lots of people recommended Weldcraft Wheels for this type of service, and so that's who I went with.  The wheels look great now that they're done.  I'm super excited to get them on the car and triple check to make sure they fit… and then it's time to buy some tires, and be done with the wheels and tires altogether!

–Dan Thompson

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