Well it has turned in to a tradition for me to go join my friends over at WBIR on Thanksgiving morning to sort through all the Black Friday ads and try to find the best tech deals.  This year, of course, was no exception, and it looks like there are actually some good deals out there!  The best news of all, to me anyway, is that most of these deals can be had right now, online.  With the stores creeping in on the Thanksgiving holiday a little more, it makes me happy to see them also having deals online so that people don't have to leave their families to go shopping, OR that they get stuck working.  Anyway, below are the deals I was able to find this morning.  We broke it up in to two segments, one on tablets and computers, and the other on TVs, cameras, gaming systems, and wearables.  Speaking of wearables, one of the viewers found this Fitbit Charge onsale at Target, so if you're in the market for a wearable device, don't miss that deal.



Black Friday 2014 – Tablets and Laptops



Black Friday 2014 – TVs, Cameras, Gaming Systems, and Wearables



–Dan Thompson

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