If you’re in the Sandestin area of Destin, Florida and in the mood for pizza, check out Jordanos Pizza and More.  My family had a craving one night for some pizza and Jordanos was just right down the road from our condo in Sandestin.  We ordered a supreme, the works, pizza and a pepperoni and ham pizza.  The crust on the pizza was a nice, buttery, deep dish style crust that was quite delicious. For the supreme pizza, all the toppings were baked on and finished perfectly.  The pepperoni had a gourmet flare to it with the pieces of pepperoni and thick cut ham slices piled on the wide end of each pizza slice.  Jordanos isn’t Papa Johns cheap, but it isn’t Papa Johns pizza either (don’t get me wrong, I like Papa Johns, but this is a different arena of pizza).  The one word of caution I would give for takeout customers; be careful not to drip everywhere.  My brother and I weren’t paying attention and some of the grease / juices leaked out of the box and left a little spot on the car seat.  Outside of that, this is a top-notch establishment.  I would definitely eat there again!

–Dan Thompson

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