The Kiss

The Kiss by Dmitri Vrubel

A couple years ago when Holly and I visited Berlin, I read about the East Side Gallery late in our day and there simply wasn’t time to make it out there.  This year when we returned to Berlin, we put it on the list of things to see.  The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km section of the Berlin Wall that features hundreds of paintings by artists from all over the world, including probably the most famous one, referred to as The Kiss, by Dmitri Vrubel.  The wall itself is described as an “international memorial for freedom” and is quite interesting, especially if you’re in to street art.

The only downside to this section of the wall is it is a bit out of the way.  The Gallery is located just down the street from the Warschauer Str. U station and is included in some of the more expanded “hop on, hop off” bus tours, but most don’t make it out there.  The area is quite pretty though and there is a bridge right beside this section of the wall that is quite unique looking and worth exploring while you’re there.  All in all, I thought it was worth the trip out to and a nice place to spend some time wandering around.

–Dan Thompson

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