For the second year in a row, Holly and I, as well as the rest of the group participating in the Kids Camp, stayed at the Cuma Youth Hostel in Szczecin, Poland.  The hostel has an assortment of accommodations; from the typical hostel bunk rooms with shared bathrooms, to private rooms with private bathrooms, as well as a few public areas inside and out.  Literally a stone’s throw away from the hostel itself is a beautiful public park with several restaurants that line either side.

    Our stays at the hostel have both been good.  The staff there is always accommodating to our group and has let us use a private room there for storage and meetings.  The beds there are good enough to get a night’s sleep on and the bathrooms are relatively clean.  This summer we had a bit of a scheduling issue with the hostel; a large group of kids were scheduled at the same time and so half way through our stay they had us move to other rooms for reasons I’m not sure I still understand.  Speaking of the kids… they were LOUD… as you would expect such a large group to be I guess.  I complained on several occasions about the noise and they apparently said something to the group leaders as the following nights it at least appeared the leaders were making an effort to keep the kids quiet.  In all honesty it is hard to fault the management of the hostel for any of this, as it was simply a case of a lot of people in a particular amount of space.  It was, however, frustrating at the time.

    All in and all we enjoy staying at the hostel and it is inexpensive.  If you’re booking in advance, you may inquire about other large groups that may be staying there at the same time though.  🙂

–Dan Thompson

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