Reykjavik at Night

    Okay, well I’m sure everyone guessed that this week’s picture of the week would be from Iceland (I actually thought about throwing a curve ball and posting a car picture or something LOL).  You may have also noticed that I’m kind of into night photography these days, so I thought I’d combine the two for this week’s POTW.  One of the cities that Holly and I visited on our recent trip was the nation’s capital, Reykjavik.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this town… I never do from capital cities.  Reykjavik was actually quite nice though.  The streets around the city center are all a little narrow and all the buildings have an old feel to them; and it was just a pretty city.

    We stayed in an apartment just around the corner from this church (if you look behind the church you can see a white castle wall looking thing… that’s the place) and there was a school apparently near by.  In the mornings all the school kids would be walking by and people would be running through the park.  The city really had a “homey” feel to it and the people we spoke to all seemed genuinely nice.  It was of course cold and windy… I mean, you don’t exactly go to Iceland looking for a tan… but it was definitely worth the stop.

–Dan Thompson

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