Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

    Holly and I have been fortunate in our travels to have seen several glaciers and I am constantly amazed by their sight.  The enormity and power they represent is just genuinely impressive.  While we were in Iceland, Holly and I got to see the two main glaciers and were encouraged to make a stop by Jökulsárlón, or as it is often referred to, the glacier lagoon.  The first thing that jumped out at us about the glaciers we saw in Iceland was their color.  The most brilliant shades of blues… we both just couldn’t get over how beautiful they were, and topping over the little hill to look down on this lagoon was just breath taking.  The picture being panoramic you kind of lose the sense of scale, so I’m including the satellite image of the place below so you can see just how big this place was… but the chunks you see floating in the picture were just massive.

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    At the far end of the lagoon sits the Vatnajokull glacier (which happens to be the largest glacier mass in all of Europe) and as it calves, the chunks fall into this lagoon where they slowly fall apart and get flushed out to the ocean.  The place where I was standing to take this picture was right next to the river they float out to find the ocean and it was so neat to watch these things moving around and then get pushed out to sea… only for some of them to be shoved back to the black sand beaches by the force of the tide.  Spectacular stuff!

–Dan Thompson

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