Girls Night Out at the Tennessee Valley Fair

    So week before last my wife gets a text message from one of her good friends stating that her and possibly some other of her friends wanted to take her to a “secret location” this Friday to celebrate her having her port taken out.  Holly of course quizzed me to see if I knew anything about it… I did not.  Holly, not being one to like surprises, then quizzed her friends about what it is that they were going to do.  She got responses like “It’s G rated, but you’ll need to wear walking shoes and dress semi-redneck or you’ll feel over dressed. That’s all the info you’re getting!” LOL  Then on Friday she gets this text message “Clue for tonight… dress warm and comfy… I will be wearing a HHS sweatshirt. We will be revisiting our high school days (No, its not a football game)”.  Funny stuff

    Turns out they were taking her to the Tennessee Valley Fair where Boys II Men would be performing… and lots of funnel cakes would be eaten. :)  They had an awesome time (and subsequently ‘Motown Philly’ has been stuck in my head all weekend) as evidenced by the fact that she’s been talking about it all weekend.  If you’re on Facebook, be sure to check out the rest of the pictures and stay tuned for some video as well.

–Dan Thompson

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