Holly Climbing

    You may remember from a couple months ago that Holly had made a vow to herself to ‘come out of her shell’ a bit and try some new things.  That manifest itself first with her going ziplining despite her fear of heights.  Well, next on her list of things to do was go rock climbing with me.

    For those that really know me, you know that I’ve been rocking climbing for a really long time.  It is just something I really love to do, and is great exercise on top of that.  Holly has, in the past, gone and watched… but has adamantly refused to try it… until now. :)  She decided that as part of her concurring her fear of heights, she needed to give it a try. …And try she did!  Unfortunately though the port she gets her treatments through is still in and was “feeling weird” as she was climbing up the rock, so she called it quits before making a lot of progress; but I’m just proud that she actually tried it!!  She has promised to go again once her port comes out (which should be Sept 16, by the way), so stay tuned for another picture of Holly climbing!

–Dan Thompson

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