coyote puppies

    This week’s picture of the week is also from Grand Teton National Park and was actually shot about a hundred yards or so away from last week’s.  When we first arrived in Grand Teton, the weather was pretty crummy and the mountains were totally covered by the clouds.  After bumming around the new visitor center (which, by the way, is totally awesome) for a little while, the rain stopped and we decided to go looking for a moose.  Well, we ended up finding one… and while myself and another guy were taking pictures of him, the man starts to tell me about some coyote puppies that he had seen just the day before over on Antelope Flats Rd.  Holly and I had nothing better to do, so we went and found the location he was talking about… but no puppies were around.  After eating some dinner we decided to give it another go… still nothing.  The next morning after all the pretty colors from the sunrise were gone we hung around… no puppies.  Finally when we were ready to start heading back in the direction of Yellowstone, we decided to make one more stop by the house where he said they were, and sure enough this time they were out and about.  We saw five total and they put on quite the show for the 20 or so minutes they stayed out.

–Dan Thompson

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