Holly ziplining at Wahoo Zipline

    So this week’s picture of the week is going to be a little different as there is a video to go along with it… there is really just more to this story then just one photo can tell.  Anyway, this weekend Holly and I went ziplining in SeviervilleDan filming the adventures at a place called Wahoo! Ziplines… and it was an absolute blast!  Now, this might not seem to crazy to some people… but was makes it funny is that Holly is seriously afraid of heights… like, seriously afraid. 

    Here’s the back story.  I believe it was a couple days after Holly’s last chemo treatment that I get a text message from her saying that she wants to go ziplining when she gets to feeling better. I was in the middle of work so I saw it and thought to myself, “Sweet! That’ll be fun!”.  A couple minutes later I get another text from her saying she also wants to go rock climbing.  Okay… now I know something is up.  In the (almost) 9 years that I’ve known Holly, she has NEVER wanted to go rock climbing.  She has gone with me and watched a few times, but never wanted to do it because of her fear of heights.  I think my exact reply to her was, “Are you drunk?”.  I thought maybe she had started feeling a little sorry for herself and hit the sauce while she was at home by herself!  Her reply explained everything.  She had been doing some thinking and decided she needed to start living a little and stop being such a “scaredy cat” (her words).  In her estimation, doing these things would help her, if nothing else, face her fears and do some living.  So that’s exactly what she did.

    I can’t tell you how proud of her I am.  I can tell you this is something I never really envisioned her doing when I first met her.  She never hesitated (she did scream a bit though, but that’s to be expected I think), she just walked right up to the edge… and jumped.  Way to go baby!

–Dan Thompson

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