I have hair again! After 7 months of wearing something on my head I have finally shed the scarves and started sporting a “boy cut”; though it’s not really a cut it’s just growing back. It’s still way short and not as thick as I thought it would be by this point, but it is growing back. I decided that Easter Sunday would be my first day out. It would be right at 4 months from my last treatment. I had in my mind that at 4 months from my last treatment I would have had plenty of hair and been going for at least a month by that point with nothing on my head. As usual, that was not the way it worked out. The 3 month mark had come and gone and I still didn’t have enough hair to be comfortable going out with nothing. I did find a hat to wear the last 3 weeks so that was much cooler than the scarves.

I’ll admit Easter Sunday was difficult, but Monday going to work was really the worst. It’s funny how different things seem to be easy in my mind, but when it comes “go time” they don’t seem as simple as I had imagined. I work with a great group of people and everyone has been more than supportive through all of this. Everyone was so nice and just had nothing but sweet things to say, but I cried like a baby for most of Monday. I felt like I just buzzed my long hair again, like I was just starting all over. Instead of being excited that my hair is growing back, I felt so robbed and embarrassed. I felt like I was wearing the Emperor’s New Robe (if you remember that book)! Anyway, I finally got over myself and was better by Tuesday. It’s still difficult for me to go out and not feel like wearing a sign that explains my “boy” hair; but each day it gets easier. Dan (and several other friends) have reminded me that I don’t owe anyone an explanation and the people that really know me, care about me and not my hair. He’s always good at rationalizing things to me…J and besides that his opinion of me is really the only one that matters. My hair is getting thicker and growing each day even though it’s hard for me to see. I’m learning what’s important each day.

Some other exciting things going on is that I got my final implants in February and they are so much better than the expanders. I also found out on my most recent appointment with the plastic surgeon that he can take my port out once I’m done with all my treatments! That’s super exciting for me because the breast surgeon is going on a month long mission trip right about the time I will be done. The port has been great for treatments and taking blood, but it’s less than comfortable and it’s a definite eye sore! I named my port Myrtle because it’s large enough to be a body part! LOL! So I’m looking forward to Myrtle packing up and leaving.

Things are really going well and I pray that they continue to go well. There’s no way to know, but no one is able to control what comes next. This year I’m going to get outside of my comfort zone and live a little. I’ve already done the zipline; rock climbing is next!!! The zipline was really scary, but I did it! I don’t think I’ll do it again anytime soon but I’m really glad that I can say I have done it. AND as soon as they are taking applications we are applying for the Amazing Race! We may not make it on the show, but we are going to try. Speaking of the Amazing Race, we got to meet Phil Keoghan at Regal Cinemas when he came to promote awareness for MS and his documentary “The Ride”. He’s been warned by Dan and me that we are coming to the Amazing Race! LOL! I’m sure he’ll remember us!

–Holly Thompson

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