Holly shearing a sheep

    Don’t ask me why, but when Holly and I started planning our trip to New Zealand, at the top of Holly’s ‘things to do’ list was shearing a sheep.  Where she comes up with these things I have no idea… but she definitely wanted to do it (and I’ll admit I thought it sounded entertaining).  Turns out if you’d like to shear a sheep, New Zealand is a great place to do it.  Holly and I met up with John from ‘The Shearing Shed’ in a little town called Glenorchy (south of Queenstown) and headed over to his farm where we got to round up the mob, sort them out, and then shear a couple of them! Very cool experience.  John took us through the process from start to finish and got to see everything from a video on the sheep industry in New Zealand, to how the wool is bailed and sent off to be turned in to all sorts of stuff.  This week’s picture of the week is of Holly getting her hands dirty and shearing away with John’s assistance.

    John and his trusty sheep dog ‘Glen’ were a total blast to hang out with and our day on the farm was WAY more awesome than we could anticipated.  If you ever make it down to New Zealand, you should definitely look them up.

–Dan Thompson

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