A road in New Zealand    People ask Holly and I on a regular basis where our favorite travel destination has been, and without question, New Zealand is the first place we mention.  The landscape is breath taking and the people are as friendly as they come.  There has definitely been more than one discussion about going back there… and there have even been a couple light hearted discussions of moving there! It’s just that awesome.

    This week’s picture of the week was taken on the road leading away from the Mt Cook region of the island.  I had had my eyes open the entire trip for sheep to be in the road because I thought it would make a funny picture, and that morning we were blessed with just that.  The herd was moving along, heading who knows where, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that we were creeping up behind them in our car.  After snapping a couple pictures we let them have the right-of-way and changed lanes to go around (yes, they drive on the “wrong” side of the road down there). 

     March 21 – 23 of this year, bloggers from all over the world are dedicating their blogs to supporting New Zealand and promoting tourism there in an effort to help the country recover from the earth quake that hit Christchurch in February.  If you’ve ever considered going there, now would be a great time to go.  Not only would you get to experience the beauty of this island nation first hand, but you would be helping local businesses get back on their feet by spending your tourism dollars there.  Another thing you can do to help is by following links you see posted this week with Blog4NZ tags and sharing them with your friends.  It is a very simple and potentially far reaching way to help out.

–Dan Thompson

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