Antelope Canyon

    A while back, Holly and I took a trip to the American Southwest… something we were both very excited about.  I have been wanting to check out some of the slot canyons found in Arizona and Utah for years, and none other stands out quite like Antelope Canyon; you’ve likely seen pictures of it in magazines on multiple occasions.  Interestingly enough, the upper part of the canyon seems to get all the attention because of the shafts of light that can be seen around noon, but Holly and I enjoyed the lower section of the canyon much more.  There were far fewer people, and the canyon was just beautiful and photogenic.

    The canyon itself is extremely tight in places, and took a bit of bravery on Holly’s part as she’s more than a little claustrophobic.  I think maybe I post what it looks like from the top next week.  We had an absolute blast exploring it though. Very neat place!

–Dan Thompson

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