I thought I would just post a quick update on Holly real quick.  Her surgery went well on Friday; both doctors were pleased with the outcome.  Believe it or not, we got to come home yesterday afternoon.  It is crazy how quick they send you home these days… but as our surgeon said, he’d rather us spend as little time in the hospital as possible so we don’t leave with something we didn’t come in with!  I can agree with that.

    As far as the cancer stuff goes, we don’t really know anything new just yet.  The preliminary reports on the sentinel nodes (they took two) came back negative… which is awesome.  There is still a chance they’ll find cancer in the detailed dissection, but it was at least encouraging to hear that both were negative.  We remain hopeful that the full pathology report will show negative.  Hopefully we’ll have the full reports from that and the breast tissue removed by the time we have our doctor appointment later this week.  Those will shed some light on what the next steps are.

    Since we’ve been home, Holly has been doing well.  She is still in a fair amount of pain, and our sleeping is disrupted every 4 hours so we can deal with her drains… needless to say we’re a little tired.  Her spirits seem to be up though, which is a good thing.

    Speaking of spirits… if someone you know ever has to fight cancer and you’re wondering what you could do nice for them; this is a GREAT example:

IMG00106-20100723-1521A bunch of people from Holly’s work all bought “Fight Like a Girl” shirts and wore them to work on the day or her surgery and sent us pictures and a short video.  Talk about uplifting!  Very cool stuff there guys.  We really appreciate, and are overwhelmed by, all the people who have signed up to bring us meals, sent cards / emails / Facebook comments / blog comments, sent flowers, stopped by, came to the hospital… the list goes on and on.  Incredible.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers… they are coveted and appreciated.

— Dan Thompson

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