I have to confess, I’m really surprised that anyone read this and actually commented on it. I really appreciate all the words of encouragement and support! I guess I should just get it out of the way and say “Dan… you were right.” People read blogs.

Today we met with the second plastic surgeon. This meeting was different from the first in that the doctor explained in detail the procedure and the materials used and why. The first doctor didn’t go over all that, but we didn’t know to ask him to. Now I want to go back and ask more questions with the first doctor. We like both doctors, which also makes the decisions hard. It’s not like I can get them all to do a job, and then pick what I want. They all have pictures to show what they have done, but none of those pictures are me. I can’t know the outcome of these surgeries until it’s done. We meet the final plastic surgeon that we are considering this Thursday.

The bad news of the week was when the nurse called and said that the blood test that will show if I have the breast cancer gene should be back before the 2 week waiting period. The reason this is bad is because that means no more putting it off, no more delaying what is going to happen. When she said that we should be able to have our final meeting with Dr. Webber next week I felt like I was going to throw up. Once we meet with him, it’s go time. He will be coordinating with the plastic surgeon and then a date will be set.

To end on a better note, my attitude has been better this week. Not awesome, but better than last week for sure. I know I’m on a roller coaster and it’s just around the corner and I’ll be crying again, but I’m glad to be on an up note for the moment. (I asked the doctor today as he was taking pictures of my chest if I should smile… My face isn’t in the pictures 🙂 ). I know that all the prayers we are receiving are lifting my spirits, too. Plus, I have Dan in my life… that’s bound to make anyone smile. I have so much to be thankful for and I’m going to try to remember that.

— Holly Thompson

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