So I was looking through my images this morning, thinking about where I wanted to go next with Picture of the Week, and I happened to notice there were a number of pictures I hadn’t gotten to yet, but none of them really go together.  As an aside, I typically will try to collect similar images before posting them, and then running a series of similar themed images.  For one reason or another, “companion” images never materialized and so I almost forgot them!  I do have a series I want to share starting next, on mine and Holly’s trip to Georgia in late fall, but after that, I’ll share a collection of standalone images.

It works out that this week’s images happened to match the previous two week’s theme of sunrise – and fog even!  As I mentioned in last week’s post, fog here in the Smokies comes in various shapes and sizes, and frankly, sometimes it’s hard to tell if what you’re seeing is fog, or haze… or maybe both!  At least until the sun gets up anyway.  Well on this particular morning, it was exactly that situation.  It started out as definitely fog like (see the last image below), but then seemed to dissipate into more of a hazy look.  Whatever it was, I really liked the look of it.  It really added to that classic layers look of the Smokies, giving more depth.

Below in the Alternative Perspectives section, I wanted to share two other images captured on that same morning, from the same location.  The Picture of the Week image actually happened between the two images below, from a timing perspective, but this gives you a sense for how the scene changed I think.

Next week we’ll jump on the road and head to Savannah, stopping first at a small lake I found in one of Georgia’s State Parks, which I’d like to share with you. See you then!

–Dan Thompson

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Great Smoky Mountains
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, United States

Alternate Perspective

ˈȯl-tər-nət pər-ˈspek-tiv
  1. A substitute or different visible scene.
  2. Another view or angle.
Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors
Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors

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