Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors
Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors

I’m wrapping up my springtime sunrise series this week with a collection of images I’ve taken around the Smokies this spring.  If you missed it, last week I gave folks a brief reprieve from the black and white images with a nice color scene – given that it’s a series on sunrise it seemed appropriate to at least have SOME color in here – but this week we’re back to black and white, and infrared black and white at that.  I just love the contrast you get with infrared!

This week’s Picture of the Week (above) is a scene I watched unfold in the foothills as I was waiting for the sun to rise over the mountains.  I’d been watching the fog move and change the entire morning, and the way it was moving over the ridge in this scene really just grabbed my eye.  As I was shooting the scene, the sunlight just barely started hitting the fog, lighting it up, giving it, and the closest ridge some nice highlight accents. Talk about magical to watch!

Below in my Alternative Perspectives section are a collection of images I shot in Cades Cove during the Spring Photography Workshop I help lead through the Tremont Institute.  One of the awesome things about that workshop is that we get to go into the Cove before sunrise to get setup (the gate doesn’t generally open till sunrise or a little later).  Always such a special experience, no matter the conditions.  As you can see, however, on this particular morning the conditions were quite nice.

Next week we start a completely new series as Picture of the Week heads to Poland!  I hope you’ll join us! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

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Cades Cove
Rich Mountain Loop Trail, Townsend, TN 37882, USA

Alternate Perspective

ˈȯl-tər-nət pər-ˈspek-tiv
  1. A substitute or different visible scene.
  2. Another view or angle.
Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors
Downtown Knoxville in Fall Colors

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