Hey guess what!?  Only 365 days till Christmas!! Haha – too soon? 🙂

As I mentioned last week, we both hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  In the spirit of giving, I thought I’d end my fall color series with this fall color extravaganza.  Think of it like the grand finale at a fireworks show, though definitely not as loud!  Generally speaking, I try to limit these series to 6 or fewer images, really to force me to be selective in what I share so that you guys only see the best.  Well, as I was looking at my images this year, call it indecisiveness, an overwhelming desire to share more, or an exceptional fall color season (ha! I knew I could sneak that in one last time!), whatever the case, I ended up with a lot more images than 6 that I wanted to put out there.  Rather than drag this out well into the new year, further neglecting OTHER images I want to share, I decided we’d go out with a bang!

For this week’s Picture of the Week – the one above – I really wanted to share this one because it’s a bit of a different scene for me.  I generally like to leave manmade structures out of my landscape scenes unless they’re old structures, or otherwise tell the story of the area in some way.  This scene jumped out at me one morning as some friends and I were taking pictures up on the Foothills Parkway.  What I was really photographing was the fog and the colorful mountains, and I frankly kept trying to keep the houses out of the scene, but where the light was hitting the nicest… there was a house!  So I just went with it and in the end really liked the result.  Townsend obviously has houses, so why not include them in a picture of Townsend.

Speaking of being picky, it is the end of the year, so you know what that means!  It is almost time for my 5 favorites post, and I’ve already started the painful process of culling images, trying to get it narrowed down to my 5 favorites.  Be on the look out for that later in the week.  Until then, have a wonderful week!


–Dan Thompson

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Townsend, TN 37882, USA

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