Okay, I have a confession to make.  After declaring last week was the start of my fall color series, it occurred to me as I was posting on social media that the image I shared actually had no fall colors in it!  That sunrise could have been taken any time of year!  At any rate, so you don’t feel short-changed, I’m starting over, and declaring this – now – the official start of my fall color series!

I know I said this last week, and I’m betting I’ll say it plenty more times, but this fall has been really special in terms of foliage.  The color has just hung around and hung around; i was actually still out taking pictures in my yard yesterday!  And while we’re definitely getting to the end of it here, there are still pockets around that are gorgeous.  Such a great season.

Because of it’s popularity, I hadn’t explored Lynn Camp Prong too much prior to last year.  I have always felt like there is plenty of other ground (or stream in this case) to cover without retracing the steps of so many others.  Last year, however, I decided to spend some time in that stream and stumbled upon this falls, which I believe is simply called the Upper Lynn Camp Prong falls.  It’s tucked away just up the trail above it’s famous sibling, Lynn Camp Prong falls, where most people stop and turn around after taking in its beauty.  Lynn Camp Prong Falls is beautiful in its own right, though admittedly hard to photograph because of how it’s situated.  This one, however, is quite easy to photograph, and in my opinion is just gorgeous.  When I noticed it last year I was a little late, and most of the trees were bare at the point, and the leaves that were sill hanging around were fading in brilliance.  This year though I checked it a few times and managed to catch it at peak.  It’s the type of falls that is really fun to explore with your camera, as it’s seems there are multiple nice compositions and ways to frame it.

Tune in next week for more – actual – fall colors!  🙂  Holly and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving in the meantime!

–Dan Thompson

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