Holly and I just got back from a nice vacation in Utah and a funny thing happened while we were there.  I got to thinking about some of the pictures I took when I was there in 2019 and realized that I had never shared them! Whoopsie!  Well, one of the pictures from this year’s trip in particular Holly wanted me to share sooner rather than later (she’s wanting to use it as her profile picture and I won’t let her have it until I’ve published it here first LOL – it’s coming next week), so I’m going to share a couple of images from my trip in 2019 that I forgot to post, and the one image she’s wanting, and then we’ll circle back to Utah some time in the future when I’ve had time to process all the pictures I took on our trip. 🙂

Anyway, when I visit cities I’m constantly looking into how I can get a nice picture of the skyline.  I really like city pictures at dusk, when all the street lights and building lights are coming on.  To me it just brings the city to life in pictures.  For all the cities I’ve been to, I’ll go on a limb and say that Salt Lake City has one of the prettiest skylines out there.  The challenge with shooting it, however, is that the classic views of the city are all taken from interstate overpasses!  I guess (and have read as much) that the local news stations literally have just setup on the side of the road to get these angles, but I wasn’t personally willing to do that, especially being by myself with no one to just drop me off on the side of the road quickly and then pull over at a safer place.  After some digging though, and lots of searching around for trails and things, I did manage to find this view of the city, which still includes mountains off in the distance (the classic view you’ve probably seen would include the mountain I’m standing on in this picture) and the straight lines of State St. and Main St.  It’s always fun approaching views like this because you essentially watch the whole thing unfold as you walk toward the main view point, and this overlook was no different.  The city is partially hidden by the top of a neighboring hill until you walk on out this trail and the full scene comes into view as seen above.  Just spectacular!

Be on the look out for next week’s Picture of the Week.  It’s a fun image that was 25 years in the making, which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do!

–Dan Thompson

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