If you’re paying particular attention, you may have noticed that these pictures are not actually from this week.  🙂  I was thinking this week about where I wanted to go next with Picture of the Week, and I thought what better way to move on from my Milky Way series, than with a sunrise series!  This week’s set of images I’m calling my winter sunrise collection, for lack of a better name, as these were all captured this past winter!  While I was doing my color sabbatical, I witnessed a number of sunrises that were just too spectacular to *not* shoot in color (I also learned that dramatic sunrises generally don’t translate well to black and white anyway, it’s really more about just dramatic lighting).  Basically I’d change gears while the color was nice and shoot in color, then once the side lighting got dramatic, I’d switch back to black and white.  I’ll have to admit the first time I did it I sort of felt like I was cheating… but when the color REALLY exploded I conceded (to myself – this is what happens when you’re by yourself a lot) that I’d have been crazy not to switch.

Anyway, scroll down to see the rest of the series.  More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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