I was a little conflicted as to which image I should use to wrap up my series on Tybee Island.  I had originally planned to use an image of a pair of fishing boats, but then I got to thinking… it’d be a little tragic to do a series from the beach and not actually show the beach and the ocean (though the first one in the series did show sand LOL).  Anyway, after all the rain and crappy weather we’ve had here in East Tennessee (not to mention what the rest of the country has been dealing with!) I decided on a sunrise image instead.  We all could use a little color and warmth in our lives I’m thinking!

Last week I mentioned that the sunrise I was planning on didn’t pan out… well this was a sunrise I wasn’t planning on!  Again, the forecast wasn’t 100% right and I went out just looking for some nice light and perhaps something interesting to photograph.  I was treated though, with the color you see above.  Always a nice surprise (happened this morning also in fact!)!

Funny story.  As I was setting up to take this shot, two women came walking up the boardwalk and so I scooted over so they could walk through.  As I was setting back up, I noticed that they seemed to have charted a course straight ahead (right into the center of my picture).  Now, after the fisherman incident in Japan, I have learned my lesson about being frustrated with people walking into “my picture” (read that story here), so I stood there for a second to see how it would play out.  Sure enough, the two walked straight out and sat down on the sand to watch the sunrise.  I thought to myself, well, they’re far enough away I could easily Photoshop them out, but then after looking at it I decided I really liked them there.  The pair sat still enough for them to remain in focus, and who doesn’t like to sit on the beach to watch the sunrise?

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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