Welcome to December everyone!  Its hard to believe we’re already in the last month of the year.  At times this year has seemed to creep by, and at others it seemed to be in fast forward!

This week’s Picture of the Week was shot on a morning that was an exercise in ‘keep moving, and keep your eyes open’, and was a morning that actually gave me two images that I’m really excited about: this one, and one that I’ll share in the new year.  On this particular morning I had setup to shoot sunrise and randomly a few friends showed up to the same spot as well.  The sunrise itself didn’t materialize into anything special, and once it became obvious nothing interesting was going to happen at that spot, we all bailed and went our separate ways in search of nice color.  At sunrise, the clouds had blocked up at the horizon, blocking any color that might have developed, and blocking any nice light that would have followed.  I stopped at an overlook I rarely stop at and worked on a scene that caught my eye (the other picture I’ll share from this morning later).  As I was messing with that scene, the clouds broke and the sun shown through, which killed the scene I had been photographing, so I jumped in my car to head up the road.  As I got to the end of the parking lot, the scene above unfolded right before me.  I quickly put the car in park and jumped out to shoot along the road.  The gorgeous side-lighting pushed through the trees to the left, and lit the tops of the trees at the end of my view down the street.  It was an incredible few minutes!  As quickly as it started though, the clouds closed back in in-front of the sun, blocking the light and killing the scene.

As a photographer, you’re always grateful for light events like this!  More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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