There are places in the Smokies that I go back to, over and over.  Sometimes I do this because there is just such a variety of subjects and potential conditions that it warrants a lot of visits (like the Foothills Parkway, for example).  Sometimes it’s simply because I like going there (also the Foothills Parkway), and sometimes, it’s because I’m convinced I can get a better shot than I got last time.  The latter applies to this week’s Picture of the Week.

I discovered these falls last year (which as best I can tell have no name) in my off-trail explorations of the Smokies and the falls even appeared in a collection of images I that shared last fall, however the more I looked at the image, the more I felt like I could have done a better job.  The fun part about this realization is that it inspired me to return to the spot a number times, allowing me to enjoy them even more.  In doing so I worked out what I feel like is a better composition than I had last year, AND I had the added benefit of capturing the falls in multiple seasons (see below for the same scene in summer greens and higher flow).  I’ve mentioned multiple times already in this series that this fall had moments of greatness, which were then unfortunately wiped out by the winds of hurricane remnants, but I was lucky enough to capture these falls right at the peak of color for this spot.

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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