This summer I’ve been trying to make it to parts of the Great Smoky Mountains that I don’t go to very often, just as a way to mix things up a bit.  One of the places I’ve found myself a few times is the Clingmans Dome area.  The high altitude has been a REALLY nice way to escape the heat, and as I mentioned, it’s been a really nice change of pace (I don’t normally go up there just because it’s so far from my house.  Definitely worth the drive though!).

On this particular evening, Holly and I met my friend Steve up there for sunset.  I frankly wasn’t sure it was going to turn into much because when Holly and I arrived, there was a cloud parked right on the mountain and you couldn’t see the edges of the parking lot, let alone a nice view.  We wandered around for a while and the clouds actually lifted with perfect timing.  As the sun was setting, it turned the clouds directly above us a brilliant orange color, and then vibrant pink, which in turn reflected the light back down around us.  Since the ambient light was more interesting directly in front of me, I decided to go super wide so that I could incorporate the flowers in the foreground, and then just let the background be what it was (as you can see, there were still a lot of clouds hanging around in the distance).  You definitely don’t see light like that all the time!

More summer flowers next week! 

–Dan Thompson

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Clingmans Dome
Clingmans Dome, Forneys Creek, NC 28713, USA

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