It’s rare that I get two images that are so different from one another, and that I like, taken from so close to each other.  That’s the story this week, however, as this week’s Picture of the Week was taken maybe 30 feet away from last week’s Picture of the Week, just facing two different directions.  Last week the sun was behind me, while this week I’m clearly shooting right into the sun, and again like last week, I’ve got to give my friend Steve Zigler props for this idea.  THIS was actually the shot he was looking for when he stumbled upon the scene last week, and why we were looking for the edge of the fog.  Light coming through the trees, and being accentuated by the fog, is something I’ve seen before, but never quite been able to capture it.  I can tell you 100% that this shot was even a half-accident.  Both Steve and I saw it and were playing around with trying to capture it, and I managed to snag one picture of it.  When you moved one way or the other, or closer to it, the beams seemingly disappeared, which was both frustrating and interesting to see happen.  Light rays are definitely a matter of perspective!

Tune in next week for more fall colors, when I’m going to start this year’s series on the streams in the Smokies.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to roll these images out yet, so it will be as much of a surprise to me as it will be you!

–Dan Thompson

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