It’s Fall y’all!

I have to admit I have a love / hate relationship with Fall.  On the one hand I LOVE the colors of this season… but on the other, I hate the super short days and the cooling (okay, cold) temperatures! But, I’ll take all of it I suppose, because the colors are just so gorgeous.

Well this year I my “color season” started a little early, as I got to go to Nevada and Utah in late September, early October, and while I was in Utah, the colors were already popping!  One afternoon I took some time to go up to Lake Blanche, which was gorgeous by the way (you’ll see a picture of it later this year), and on the hike up, there were seemingly a million scenes just like the one pictured above.  I’m always impressed by the Aspen trees, and I absolutely love their white trunks.  While I was there the Aspens themselves were still green, however the plants around them were turning all sorts of colors.  Since this was the start of my Fall, I thought it’d be a great way to kick off my Fall colors series.

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Lake Blanche Trail Head
Lake Blanche Trailhead, Brighton, UT 84121, USA

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