Prior to my visit this summer, Holly and I had been to Santiago, Chile two other times.  Both times, however, were basically 24 hour stop-overs on the way to Easter Island, off the Chilean coast.  To that extent, it felt a little strange to be in Santiago and not going to Easter Island (yes, it crossed my mind 🙂 ), BUT there were some things I wanted to see in Chile that I had been missing by just passing through.  First and foremost, Santiago has a lot to offer.  As Chile’s capital city, and the largest metro in the country, it’s the epicenter of current Chilean culture.  Holly and I had done a little sightseeing in our past trips, but it’s hard to say you’ve really experienced a place when you’ve only been there such a short period of time.  Frankly, now that I’ve spent a week there, I’m not sure I can even say that still now.

Anyway, the last time Holly and I visited, we went into the main square in the center of the city known as the Plaza de Armas.  It’s a really pretty square, with lots of food options all the way around, and then the Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral is there as well (the building on the left above).  Every time I’m there, I’m struck by the juxtaposition of the old architecture, with the newer office tower jutting out from behind.  I tried to capture it last time I was in town, but wasn’t happy with what I got – so I tried again!  The square it typically teaming with people and activity, even into the late hours of the evening, so capturing it without people can be a challenge… unless you go early in the morning!  On my stay this year, I stayed at a hotel within walking distance of the square, so I at least walked through every day I was there.  REALLY cool stuff.  On this particular morning the clouds were rolling through and the city remained dark longer than on a typical day.  I felt like it gave the scene a certain moodiness.

More from Chile next week! 

–Dan Thompson

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Plaza de Armas, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

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