If you have hung around this blog for some time, you’ll know that photography is a passion and a hobby of mine, but it’s not my career (or if you didn’t know that… now you do!).  I want photography to remain an artistic outlet for me, without the pressures of ‘having to produce’, if I don’t want to.  I also don’t want my readers to feel like I’m constantly trying to sell them an image (or something).  People have bought images from me over the years, but it’s not why I’m here, and it’s not why I take pictures.

All that said, over the last few years there have been some very special projects that have come through that I just couldn’t pass up, and I’m very excited to share one of those with you today.  Earlier in the summer the Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA) contracted with me to do a photo shoot, with the intent of using that photo for the cover of their fall magazine.  The subject?  Mr. Tim Line.  I don’t want to steal the thunder of the article, as it’s a beautifully written piece, but chances are you have no idea who he is.  Chances are good though, that you’ve heard of Mount LeConte, and the neat little lodge that sits at its summit.  Well Tim ran that lodge for over 40 years (he and his wife raised their kids there for part of their lives!) and has just retired, so the GSMA wanted to honor his legacy with a nice article, and *I* was honored to get to participate.  Tim, Holly, and I made the journey to the top of Mount LeConte in mid-summer, and it was totally fascinating to get to hear his story, AND get a behind the scenes look at how the lodge is run.  REALLY cool stuff.  If you get the chance, check out the article!

–Dan Thompson

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